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    hsf62 wrote:
    “some of the mithril range. I painted them with a poor skill, but anyway “
    If that is a poor skill, then I never use a paintbrush again…..:P

    No, no, these are repainted miniatures, hsf62. My firsts painting attempts were very diferent, really poor. But I have improved since then.

    And thanks for the nice words!

    I will post soon more mithril stuff (I´ve been working this days :) )


    Well, Master elroi, I am about to repaint my miniatures as well. For three years now! :/
    And there is no end in sight, because my project (of repainting them) is boycotted pemanently by new marvellous releases . . .
    But not in order to sell them. I want to show them, at last.

    But: there is no one you would like to see them . . . :|


    Welcome Elroi! I thought I recognized your username from Spanish Team forum. (I started reading ST after meeting JMPN and dieguete, but I don’t post often.) Some lovely painting there. I hope you find lots of time to paint. :D


    Master Turambar, I´d like to see your paintwork, of course. Three years of painting is a real hard work to keep they out of sight ;)

    And I have to sincere thank you the message on ebay that made me reconsidere the selling of my mithril miniatures. Not only I will not sell any more (fortunately, no one buyed the three on ebay and I will keep them) but I´m now again absolutely hooked on their painting. As soon as I finish to paint my actual collection (maybe 6 months to 60-70 miniatures), I will start buying again to increase mi little world of middle-earth.

    And hello, lady Wendy. I post in the ST forum with the same nick (an post a lot), so for sure i´m the same :D

    So you know Diego and Jose: they are truly masters painters!

    Probably tomorrow I will post new pictures of my latests miniatures (2 orcs and a Huorn… bad guys)


    You must send your pictures to Master Gildor so he could open for you a personal gallery in special place called “Mithril Gallery” :) some of us are already there….


    Beautiful works of art Master Elroi, and a belated welcome to the MMP world ;). Like other members I too look forward to more painted Mithrils appearing.


    Here are my latests works (very bad guys….)

    An armoured orc:

    [imgz url=][/imgz]


    [imgz url=][/imgz]

    And a Huorn (I specially likes this one)

    [imgz url=][/imgz]

    Hope you like it, more of them are on their way!


    …..:D great…..


    I like all of them! Very Nice!


    That Huorn is a masterpiece … each and every details are pointed out perfectly … alas, Master Elroi, I wish I had your skills … huooommm rhuom’… rúr’huoommhom .. hom … thank you for painting a Huorn that perfectly … keep on, please

    MMP Elder

    well I’m back from my holidays (after having been sick but that’s another story..) and well I am a bit late to welcome you Elroi, and also to congratulate you for your very very talented painting!!

    On a side note, please, in order to keep the forum quite readable could you use the “upload image” functionnality of this forum rather than posting raw images? the upload image functionnality has the benefit to generate smaller thumbnails to fit the corpse of a post, and still gives the possibility to zoom in the picture by clicking the thumbnail.
    That would be great!

    thanks a lot and once again , quite impressive job!


    Sorry for the big pics, Master Gildor!
    I saw in others post the images as thumbnails, but i didn´t found that “upload image” functionnality in the options of the message (I´m not a very talented informatic :) )

    Just tell me where is that option, and I will edit the images to a smaller size,

    Masters Shadyt and Thingol, thank you very much for your words!

    And venerable Theobald, very soon you will see my Fimbrethil vision (and after, I´ll need to seek for more Ents to add at my collection)


    Master elroi, I am happy too about your joining here. And I like your paintings very much indeed.
    Well, the “upload image” button you see on the top of the side: Index- User list- Rules- Upload image- Search- Profile- Messages- Logout

    Have a try, it works, believe me! :D

    As others already mentioned, there is a section called : mithril gallery. You find it as a yellow-brown field also on top- nearly . . .
    Have a look there and you will find pictures from David, Thingol, Milo and myself.
    The main “art-section” is under “the art gallery of master samwise” where you already have posted your pictures. You will find a lot of brilliant stuff there.


    Work on the pics done!
    Thanks for the clear instructions, Master Turambar

    And I have took a look to the gallery… your dioramas are excellent (Moria is awesome!!!) and there is a lot of very good and inspiring stuff.

    I like to make dioramas also… in a near future I probably will make some mithril scenes also, not only miniatures.

    MMP Elder

    Please master Elroi, a talented artist like yourself! feel free to send me pics of dioramas in my email that you would like me to display in the “Mithril Gallery” section (not on the forum but the gallery module itself I mean) I think these could be great additions!
    as for pics of single figurines (outside dioramas) I am also interested if you want to provide some for the Database itself! (for the bottom left collector pictures)

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