New Addon! “Trading facilities” in your User Profile!

MMP Mithril in Middle-Earth Guided Tour of the MMP New Addon! “Trading facilities” in your User Profile!

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      I had promised I would find a solution, well here it is!

      A bunch of new options in your profile ‘personal’ settings will allow you to :
      – set your gender
      – set your birthdate (with or without public displaying)
      – set summary of info “about you”
      – preview how others will see your profile (i.e viewing your profile as if you were looking at others’)

      AND :

      Trading Facilities :
      two new lines to fill (manually) references that you are Looking for (want), and references you are willing to trade (trade)
      Fill these lines with references all separated by a comma.
      Once set and saved, when you look at anybody’s profile, including yourself in preview mode, all the references entered in both this lines will be clickable links.

      When you click on a reference on the Want list of someone, it will open a search result page showing all people who have this figurine in their trade list.
      And vice versa : when you click on a reference on the Trade list of someone, it will open a search result page showing all people who want this figurine!

      This module is not directly linked to the reference database , thus you could perfectly type anything in these line it would just check if this same “anything” appears on somebody else’s ‘other’ line. Though that means there is not much control over this, it provides special things to be put here : such as, for example : “mw347 C3A” precisely. But that will also require your attention because it will have to be written the same way by other people. Hopefully, 99% of references have strict numbers and can’t be mistaken for others.

      Indeed this version does not allow to manage a whole collection, that’s not the purpose and it would be too heavy for my database and website. But in the end it allows you to have full control on what you really want and really want to trade, respecting people’s privacy as to the status of their own private collection.

      This is the best (and the last) thing I will do regarding trading but I suppose it will be a Great improvment for everybody here!

      The size of these lists are limited to 255 char, but if it is needed I can manage to resize it. But it is intended to be a precise trading module and I assume that not all of us have tons of trade or want list. It is not about having or not having, but really about wanting or not, quite different…


        Neat-o! Thanks Gildor. :)


          Gildor … at the moment I’m trying to be patient …. but I really have to ask by now:
          Have you no home? … have you no family? … have you nothing else to care about? … have you time unlimited? … have you no hobbies? …. alas … you know :)
          You told us (between the lines) that this problem kept you extremely busy … and now there’s an excellent solution in such a short time … let me just tell you:
          BRILLIANT WORK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          Thank you very much, but please, take a rest now …. huoommmm … you know what ‘take a rest’ means, Master Gildor? I’m not that sure ….


            Yeah, he as a family and a poor desperate wife who has to see him code for hours every night while saying “yes my dear, it’s really beautiful, you’re the best, but could you please go to bed NOW !!!!”.

            But it’s indeed very nice, I’m proud of you ;)

            He only started this module yesterday don’t you know ?

            MMP Elder

              I have a life, I have a home… I have hobbies… though this is not the best place to discuss about it just little comments.

              I am System administrator at university and currently (until next friday) it is the “winter holidays of february” for students. So, though I am not myself on vacations, I am at work, with almost no work to do all days, so I spend my time coding and improving MMP. Knowing perfectly that the most difficult part is coding… and though filling info is long and boring it is easy…I prefer doing the coding when I am not disturbed. So I mainly code for MMP… at work, but that won’t last ;) it’s only exceptionnal (remember theobald that my Mithril project was on standby for several months! but all the MMP community gave me back some motivation)

              As for hobbies, I have only two main ones : Mithril (and Tolkien) and Everquest2… I spent most of my time on Everquest2 though (it is an MMORPG) but I take time for Mithril too…. As for coding… well once you are getting used to it, it ends up being easier…

              I’m quite proud now to announce that “MMP and Mithril Faerylands” is now complete with all its modules: database/gallery/forum/trading. I can’t think of anything more I could add now.


                I think this all will stop immediately when the little child is looking into the light of day. :D
                Look at Gildor and thinks: oh, this is the father?! I love him . . . !
                Hope, that from this time on we all won´t feel lonely of Gildor´s appearences

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              MMP Mithril in Middle-Earth Guided Tour of the MMP New Addon! “Trading facilities” in your User Profile!