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        Hi there folks,

        I just analyzed the casting for the forthcoming “RoP” along with the very last trailers in order to see how far from canon the story could be…

        about the timing :  It seems the series take place (not counting flashbacks) during the rule of the last king of Numenor, Pharazon, which makes in the last century of the Second Age, assuming Isildur is already born and young adult…

        From the very last trailer :


        Well, there is first Will Fletcher as Finrod Felagund  (supposedly my father as Gildor 🙂 ) in what seems to be Dagor Bragollach, crying and hurling away… that must be for the sacrifice of his best friend Barahir, thus beginning the long friendship of Men and Elves…(and the ring of Barahir will surely make its appearence here)

        00:11 -00:15 We then see Finrod dead, ripped by werewolves claws while normally imprisonned with Beren (son of Barahir) in Tol-in-Gaurhoth (the evil renamed first “Minas Tirith” he had himself built, but then conquered by Sauron…) Thus the hatred from Galadriel to Sauron more specifically as Sauron killed her beloved brother Finrod… a “Noldor hatred” which could be rendered as deep and hainous towards Sauron, as Feanor’s one against Melkor (Feanor being uncle of Galadriel…)

        I don’t know how Galadriel (Morfydd Clarck) managed to retrieve his deady body… not completly devored… but well, this is Fantasy… and she takes as a souvenir his brother dagger (not mentionned anywhere in the books) which bears the design of the two Valinor trees both in silver and gold…. So far, lots of creativity, but nothing completly out of canon…

        00:16 we see Galadriel arriving in an armada of ships to what appears to be Andunië in Numenor and 00:29 she meets with young future survivor and king Elendil (Lloyd Owen) ( son of Amandil the mariner, who was gifted with 7 palantiri from the Eldar of Tol Eresseä, stored in Andunië normally…and safeguarded after the fall of Numenor by Elendil who brought them for safety on Endor)

        Then we see Prince Durin IV (Owain Arthur) (00:31) and just afterwars a NEW Character “Halbrand”, a man (invented for the show, played by Charlie Vickers).

        00:39 : a scene with innocent children in white robes. I’d glady say it is a flashback with the first elves but they play around a … bridge, which is a mortal construction, and thus civilization already exists in this place, it cannot be the awakening of elves, and they are too “clean/immaculate/candid” to be “first Humans”… SO I’d say these are Numenorean children playing in the vales of Numenor…

        00:41  we see three white … prophets or animists, certainly working for Sauron…. or one of them being actor Anson Boon, this has been assumed by fans that THIS is Sauron, but this has been said to be FALSE by the shows producer, so this is not Sauron… Eminem is not Sauron and who plays Sauron remains to be determined…)

        00:47 : we see the “Stranger in hags” (Daniel Weyman) in a dark evil forest (can’t be Mirkwood, it does not exist yet…) surrounded by what looks like primitive Wargs, and defending a Harfoot girl ‘Elanor “Nori” Brandywood’ so this must happen along the north of Anduin… could finally be Mirkwood before the hour… (non canon…) and the guy being either an early Beorning, or worse, young Radagast (who is not even supposed to be on Endor yet)… we’ll see… This Stranger is the guy who appears in a crater, found by the Harfoots, so he must be a Maia, and a retcon uncannonical arrival of a proto-Istar before the end  of the Second Age 🙁 🙁 … thus creating a maia character not known about in the Tolkien Universe, but that is not impossible and would not be uncanonical… I would prefer that… rather an established Istar…

        00:51 : we see Gil-Galad (Benjamin Walker) in what looks like future Lothlorien or maybe Lindon (not the sea part…)

        00:53 : we see regent queen Tar-Miriel (Cynthia Addai-Robinson) (forced spouse of Ar-Pharazon) which, in this story seems to be the active ruler, darkskinned and not “submitted” to her husband king and who has kept her birthname, not renamed in Adunaïc Ar-Zimraphel… which changes the canon to a “wokism” way but why not…problem is : she seems good-hearted and in power, while in the story, her “forced husband” Pharazon was the one to bring the wrath of Iluvatar on Numenor… how could this happen here if a “good ruler” is on the throne?   Another non canoical fact, in this version, Ar-Pharazon and Tar-Miriel have a son, prince Kemen (Leon Wadham) while in the canon, they have no known children…

        00:54 we see her husband, Ar-Pharazon (Trystan Gravelle) at the back of the audience, seemingly unhappy, and clearly with less charism and audience than herself, maybe Pharazon will create a revolt and throw down his wife and bring the wrath of Iluvatar later on?

        00:57  we see yound Isildur (Maxim Baldry) still in his eighteens maybe, onboard a ship… nothing wrong about that 🙂

        01:00 Another newcomer to the non-canon lore : Arondir (Ismael Cruz Cordova) , a wood elf (Nandor or Avari ?) is there any link with the Woodland Realm of the Sinda king Oropher (father of Tranduil, father of Legolas) who reigns in Greenwood, what will later become Mirkwood. Oropher rules during this period of time… and as there are chances we , at some poing see the Last Alliance, he will certainly be casted, as Oropher took part at the battle under the leadership of Gil-Galad.

        01:04 focus once again on Halbrand… speaking to Galadriel, apparently he will be part of her “team” to track down… what remains to be seen… Apparently he carries a shame of it, as Galadriel asks him “whatever you did, be free of it”, a former rogue maybe

        01:07 : princess Disa (Sophia Nomvette), bride of prince Durin IV at the time before his crowning.

        01:19 : Elrond (Robert Aramayo) in a courtesy visit to the dwarf kingdom of Khazad-Dum at the time of its splendor.  It could be a flashback during Durin III reign with Elrond meeting with Moria dwarves in order to be helped for refugees from Eregion to go north, to found Imladris/Rivendell under the stewardship of Elrond, herald of king Gil-Galad at the time. (at that time, the guild or smiths of Eregion lead by Celebrimbor was very friendly with the dwarves of Khazad Dum, the friendship of Narvi and Celebrimbor bringing to life the famous Doors of Durin which opens… by the “water”… with a “melon” ahahah) This happened before the Sack of Eregion necessarily thus before the events of the tvshows.

        01:21 : a small appearance of an aging ruling king Durin III (Peter Mullan) (maybe a flashback  linked to the description above)

        01:24 : the White tree Nimloth, in Armenelos on Numenor…. with gust of winds taking of several leaves… with a worried Galadriel in regal gown for court visit…)

        01:27 : Savage uruks from the Second Age, with bone armors, not yet Uruk-hai in the “age of metal”… running after a boy, maybe Theo (Tyroe Muhafidin), a new Human boy character who will certainly become very import. He is the son of Bronwyn (another new character), soon defended 01:28 by the elf Arondir (who seems to have some feeling for both the boy and his mother, see below)

        01:34 a group of Harfoots travelling by, with the narrator speaking being Largo Brandywood (Dylan Smith)

        01:36 an banquet, very important one it seem sin Khazad Dum, where we can clearly see Durin IV at end of table, Gil-Galad at other hand of table, and on one side Elrond, and Celebrimbor (Charles Edwards), maybe related to my speculation above about partnership between Khazad Dum and creation of Imladris… As Celebrimbor is present at this banquet, though he died at the sack of Eregion in SA 1697, this is necessarily a flashback…)

        01:37 : Nori Brandywood, offering an apple to the Stranger that she just met after the meteorite crash Nori and her friend Poppy Proudfellow (Megan Richards) are the two harfoots who discover the “Stranger” at the fall of the meteorite coming from the West…(NB: Elanor mother is Marigold Brandyfoot, played by Sara Zwangobani) , some speculate that Brandyfoots are ancestors of Brandybucks, and Proudfellow ancestors of Proodfoot… invented for the show of course… after Merry & Pippin, now Nori & Poppy (two girls…)

        01:41 appearance of Largo Brandywood, father of Elanor “Nori” Brandywood, the most adventurous hobbit of the Second Age…  Maybe the name Largo was inspired by the canonical name “Largo Baggins”, ancestor of Bilbo…

        01:43 : a raft of desperate men at sea, including Galadriel, attacked by a large seamonster (Uinen? but for what reason? ) certainly in Belegaer…  maybe flashback of first age

        01:46 someone offering help to an almost drown Halbrand

        01:47 : twin peaks (no play on words…) forest covered, maybe Greenland, and directly after, Arondir again talking to Bronwyn with deep feelings (the man/elf romance of this series?) , mother of Theo. (see above) Is Theo half-elf?

        01:54 : great cavalry running in the vale maybe near the later ford of Bruinen, (looks like the same place as in the Fellowship of the Ring)

        01:57 a band of bowmen adventurers in deep ice (ressembles older trailers with Galadriel in the snow), the group seems to small to represent the exodus of the Noldor through Helcaraxe so this must be something else in the far north of Endor? I can’t recognize how they call Galadriel (commander, or something else in elfic) they are lead by Galadriel who asks them not to stop.

        02:02 : Halbrand fiercely confronting Galadriel as she wears a court gawn. So this must happen in Numenor, making Halbrand a Numenorean of low birth (or the canon would be completly broken…)

        02:03 : Galadriel fighting a savage troll (what else…) during the same adventure as the icy one above.

        02:04 : Galadriel speaking to an assembly of Numenoreans, from what seems like Armenlos, to inform she is veeeeery angry , there is a tempest in her (like always…)

        02:09 : Galadriel escalading using the dagger of her dead brother Finrod as an icepick… thus CLEARLY this is not the crossing of Helcaraxe 🙂

        02:13 : Elrond asking Galadriel to stop fighting… (he has not read the script)

        02:14 : Now this is interesting,  Horse lords of the Second age, I suppose from the region of Rhovanion, long time before the Rohirim, or even Eotheod, or even horse lords of Rhovanion dating back Vidugavia… Maybe ancestors of men who stood on Endor, never being blessed like those who went to Numenor with Elros, descendants of Hador Lorindol. they are clearly beating up bands of orcs in the region. (seems Rhovanion is quite central… Theo, Bronwyn, Arondir, the horse riders, the orcs…)

        02:17 : introduction of Eariën (Ema Horvath), Numenorean,  a pure , non canonical invention… she is the daughter of Elendil, sister to Isildur and Anarion !!

        02:17 Arondir, in chains, in an orc camp, trying to free himself

        02:19 : Elrond and Durin IV in a Khazad Dum elevator

        02:20 : an horselord .. playing Legolas… (no actor name or character name known)

        02:21 : The Stranger, casting a wild spell of the forest definitly a Maia , if you ask me…

        02:22  young Isildur, surprised or shocked.

        02:23 Betrayal somewhere or revolt, as one of Galadriel ships explodes in the docks of Andunië. Something is wrong in Numenor…

        02:24 : Galadriel fight with the savage troll using an elven longsword… that she plants in the ground just afterwards saying what would she be without a sword… “she does not know the power of the Forc….Rings” 🙂

        and…. Cut!


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        MMP Elder

          Now that I have been able to analyse the last trailer, I can work backwards to former trailers with some explanations :

          (some are the same images)

          00:06 : Tirion and the two Valinor trees (with some elf in white cape advancing…Feanor maybe…)

          00:24 : Galadriel band of adventurers, of giant elves (maybe Thorondor, just below) meaning they are in north of Middle Earth, maybe searching for the ruins of Angband for any “clue” that the evil is not completly gone…

          00:28 Imladris in the old days,  Khazad Dum in the glorious days…Rhovanion or Eriador lands of men

          00:40 Harfoots in happiness as innocent faerie folks, followed by narrator Marigold Brandywood (mother of Nori)

          00:45 Nori observing the meteor about to crash

          00:47 Galadriel speaking with an adventurer (with Elrond in back voice back in Lindon/Imladris) in the icy north, planting her sword

          00:49 Elrond and Galadriel debating as to if the Evil is still there or not, (with pictures of the advancing Galadriel company in the snow)

          01:11: flashback of the old 1st age battle with hundreds of deaths as a nightmare…(or the Sack of Eregion)

          01:23 Galadriel ships arriving at what can be now assumed to be Andunië in Numenor.

          01:26 Gilg-Galad discussing with Elrond… as the later one does not believe in the remnants of evil while Gil-Galad is deeply troubled

          01:34 Galadriel and first elves arriving the shores of Valinor accompanied by a host of seagulls (flashback, though Galadriel was born in Valinor, not in Endor… that’s odd)

          01:36 Tar-Miriel (following Ar Pharazon) perplex as Nimloth is losing hundreds of white leaves in the alleys of Armenlos

          01:38 Nori & Poppy meeting with the Stranger after the meteor crash

          01:43 Elrond visiting Khazad Dum and its marvels for what appears the first time

          01:44 : Durin III saying (to his son Durin IV) that “their time has come”, surely speaking of the elves, who fled Eregion after the sack and are seeking refuge…

          01:45 : Durin IV brandishing Durin’s Axe to cut a rock in two… certainly a ritual to become king after his father…

          01:46 the same elf from Galadriel’s band (seen in 00:47) escaping death while escalading

          01:48 Halbrand at the court of Numenor / Arondir speaking about “the past is with us all” in a tavern

          01:49 band of horselords… LED BY GALADRIEL !!

          01:52 Nori & Poppy in each others arms

          01:55 a raft in a storm and a ship with Isildur aboard… then Galadriel riding to a city on the sea cost alone with a friend

          01:57 Elendil answering Arondir “the past is dead you either move forward or die with it” in the same tavern, along with his son Isildur at his side (Elendil is playing the “Strider” card…. after all, at this time he is  a “maverick” rebel to the crown of Ar-Pharazon… not even in the direct line of royalty, being just a lord of Andunië…

          01:58 Ar-Pharazon gaining trust of people (like some kind of Palpatine…) as this is the evil king bringing doom on Numenor… (no, the Millenium Falcon destroying the main reactor is not a manifestation of Eru Iluvatar…)

          01:59 against this horselord… maybe Trevyn? (Simon Merrels)

          02:00 Durin IV brandishing a stone… I suppose “a nugget of raw mithril”  saying “this could be the beginning of a new era” (a new era that will lead to the doom of the mines of Moria… and the bane… of Durin)

          02:02 council of elf lords brandishing their swords… maybe the creation of Imladris? or is it a flashback in Eregion (both ways, it is a flashback)

          02:03 Arondir chained fighting a warg in the pits of an orc camp…. like Luke against the Ranccor…

          02:04 Galadriel fightint a troll

          02:06 the Stranger emerging from the meteor crater… but they seem to be TWO of them…. is the Stranger a new variation of the Blue Wizards? arriving waaaaayyyy before the other Istari that would be highly uncanonical as Palando and Alatar clearly arrived at the same time…

          02:11 Harfoots “wandering in the wonders” of Middle Earth , apparently the Brandywood family Largo & Marigold, and Nori & Poppy Proudfellow…

          02:29  Flashback from what would seem the “War of Wrath”, marking the end of the First Age and banishing of Melkor in Kûma (the void)

          02:44 maybe The Gray Havens in Lindon or early Imladris… Gil-Galad crowing Galadriel as a queen of the elves like himself with a crown of golden laurels, in front of Elrond and a host of eight other elven knights with laurels too

          02:48 the flashback of the banquet with Celebrimbor Gil-Galad, Elrondand Durin IV (held in the forst, not Khazad Dum…) with Durin and Celebrimbor rising their glasses

          02:50 young elven children in white robes…. so those are not Numenoreans after all, they have pointy ears… Humans covering up small boats (those are not elves)

          02:51 Elven Swan ship with Galadriel inside, reaching the light of the West with seagulls. (very odd as said before, or is it a dream for Galadriel, as she never set foot again on Valinor until the very end?)

          02:56 Sadoc Burrows (Lenny Henry), portraying a Harfoot, being superstitious about the skies being strange

          02:59 Arondir and Bronwyn observing the crash of the Meteor carrying the Stranger

          03:03 Tar-Miriel inviting Galadriel to use a Palantir… we know that Elendil saved 7 of them after the downfall of Numenor and brought them to Endor…

          03:04 Galadriel sees the past through the palantir, the battle in which Finrod was (though in canon he did not die in a battle…) anyway it is a First Age battle…

          03:17 Nimloth losing lots of white leaves… the beginning of the fall as a sign… in the books Nimloth is burnt and taken down by the new savage cult put in place by Ar Pharazon under his advisor Sauron… and Numenoreans begin human sacrifice and spit at the gods… thus bringing their doom…

          03:20  the Sauron prophets… maybe in Numenor ? to spread the new “religon”….

          03:24 ELrond visiting Khazad Dum (again) and an antipathic Durin III not wanting about elves and even trying to persuade his son to bury them all beneath the mountain… Clearly his son is more friendly and after he becomes king will be kinder with elves (most of all after finding veins of Mithril…)

          03:32 Galadriel red vision of a battle in ashes…maybe a nightmare of Dagor Brachollach or Nirnaeth Arnoediad or simply the Sack of Eregion…

          03:36 : an evil castle in a dark storm…. it certainly is the original version of Barad-Dur which was built around SA 1000. (cannot be Dol Guldur as it only was created in the third age, nor Carn Dum in Angmar, as this realm does not exist yet… even if the Witch-king is certainly already around at this time (first apparition of Nazgul are in SA 2251, way before the events of the tv show making the “poster” of the series , canonical if it is a nazgul on it..) Maybe it’s THEM that Galadriel is tracking… as she knows they must exist after the theft of the nine men rings by Sauron… “He does not have one name… but many

          03:38 the design of a Morgul blade (a clear reference to nazgul) in ice appear in a dream of Theo awaken by some villager asking him if he knows Sauron…

          03:46 Browyn, Theo’s mother is afraid by savage orcs penetrating her home, certainly tracking Theo…

          03:56 Theo has the beginning of a strange evil sword in his hands that is growing upward with shadow magic, what seems to be a Nazgul longblade… Will Theo become a Nazgul? (they usually become Nazgul because of a RING, not a BLADE)

          04:04 Galadriel and her bands arrive in a big icy cavern… with the mark of the icy morgul blade on some stone altar…

          04:09 destruction of the fleet of Galadriel in Andunië before shocked men at the docks (mutiny, betrayal, hidden plot by the “black numenoreans” in the shadow, those may be led by at least one Nazgul who’s Black Numenorean in origin)

          04:11 : Mother and son Bronwyn & Theo

          04:14 : savage orcs bowing before a dark knight, Either Sauron (though I doubt so… or a Nazgul in armor, or the antagonist Oren (Joseph Mawle) who could actually also be the given (nick)name of a Nazgul

          04:17 Halbrand in court garb in Numenor, apparently with some fame as guards retreat before him…

          04:18 Bronwyn adressing her fellow citizens in the village where she lives, with Arondir just below.

          04:19 elven lords brandishing their swords to make an oath (already seen)

          04:20 Galadriel shaking arms with what seems to be Elendil

          04:21 Arondir fighting in a stone structure

          04:22 Tar-Miriel advancing under the falling of Nimloth white leaves

          04:23 Princess Disa, chanting in a ceremony that looks like her husband Durin IV is becoming king…

          04:28 Durin IV showing a nugget of Mithril and almost becoming mad at it… (mithril fever? like the Arkenstone for Thror)

          04:23 Bronwyn in the arms of Arondir

          04:24 Galadriel leading a host of horse riders into battle…

          04:41 “There can be no trust between hammer and rock” said by Durin IV, Armies of Numenor marching, and then Dwarf army under Durin IV leadership, marching for war of show of strength of arms intimidation

          04:44 The Stranger in the crater, turning to an amazed and frightned Nori…

          04:45 Arondir in the pits

          04:46 the Stranger striking the ground

          04:52 an evil priest in white (not Sauron as confirmed…) blowing a leaf from the forest, down into rocky depths with Mithril veins that will turn to ashes…. maybe creating a curse between elf and dwarf…

          05:09 Arondir in danger being grabed by woody evil hands…. Huorns?

          05:26 apparition of a Balrog… a bit early for Durin’s Bane… maybe just a marketing teasing not in the shows…

          the rest… are small parts of things already explained 🙂


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          MMP Elder

            some little clips provide more info and insight on the show :

            (apparently this claw is not a morgul blade mark from nazgul but a mark of Sauron himself… where… I don’t know, maybe in the caverns deep beneath what was Angband… where Balrogs may still remain… explaing the appearance in the trailer)




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              Interesting insights Gildor 😉

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