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      (Transcribed from Creatures of Middle Earth)

      Razarac  M78 : The Razarac™

      The demonic Razarac is the most terrible monster in Far Harad, the most awful denizen of the Haradwaith. Known as”The Destroyer” by the Haradrim, it is a powerful, gruesome holdover from the armies of Morgoth in the Elder Days. Legends say that the Razarac was placed under the stone of the Ogladalo Vatra when the desert was formed, to prevent the water from being returned to the surface. However, in recent years Men have broken the seals to those deep caverns, and now this terror prowls the night under the open sky. Physically, the beast is shaped like a Great Mountain Troll. Its hide is thick,tough, and coarse, giving it the protection of plate armour. For combat, it is armed with fierce talons hand and foot, as well as fangs set into huge and powerful jaws. From the massive shoulders spread leathery wings which, though they will not carry the monster on long journeys, will allow extended leaps of up to 200 yards.

      The terrifying aspect of the beast’s demeanour is further enhanced by its fiendish intellect. It has mastery of all Essence
      spells dealing with fire or light to twenty-fifth level, and is capable of advanced tactical thinking, as well as employing devilish cleverness in toying with its intended victims. The Razarac’s years of captivity guarding the stolen waters of Harad have burned into its mind a continuing desire to prevent men from reaching water sources, and in this pursuit it shows a dogged singularity of purpose. Thus far. The Destroyer has limited its hunting to the Mirror itself, where it attacks bands of desert men as they drink by wells. It is only a matter of time,though, before the greater oases of the land beckon to the beast,offering much greater opportunities for destruction. Then the nomads and caravans of the land will quake with fear with the first footstep of each desert journey.

      (Sorry, tried writing this up myself but got distracted!)

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