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      quite the mint price …

      good day to everyone passing through.

      MMP Elder

        Today… I feel sad…

        Today, the mood in the Taproom is not what it used to be and no more will it be…

        Today, our famous innkeeper has removed his apron… for the last time. well not today but some time ago already, but I got news only today…

        Barliman, Ian… has gone, I hope Mandos will be kind to him as he did great and was a good fellow in his life… I will miss him dearly… MMP will never be the same without him 🙁

        I don’t know what will happen to the Prancing Pony now (nor MMP in general I must admit… now that the site is also quite technically broken too, without me having the knowledge at the moment to repair it…)


        Life must goes on…


        let’s celebrate one more – I don’t want to say last –  time , dear fellows.




          RIP Barli, may your Scrumpy never be without a rat’s tail to flavour it.

          Farewell 🙁


            Farewell dear Innkeeper


              Well that is sad news indeed. I have the same sentiments as you all… Barli will be missed.

              I hope all of you and your families are doing well. It is nice to stop in here from time to time, even it is to only read someone’s greeting from a few days past. Gildor, regardless of whatever future is in store for this sight, I am very grateful for it and your efforts to keep it up. Thank you.



                Good bye Master Barliman. Very sad to hear you are moving on. All the best on your new journey.


                  Oh, so sorry, I did not see this message up until now. These are sad news, 🙁

                  May he rest in peace, and his family receive all the love they need now. May the stars guide his way to Valinor.


                    unfortunately, i only see this message today … there is no end without a new beginning, i’d like to think that everything is in flow and blends together again and again.



                    on my 50th birthday, i’d like to throw a virtual round for everyone and toast to those who have already left, who are present and those who are yet to arrive. enjoy your day, friends 🍻


                      Thank you 🙂

                    Viewing 9 posts - 281 through 289 (of 289 total)
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