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      What makes a figure a ‘special’ is when you can’t get it in an ordinary ‘M’ range. And the slowness with which new ‘M’ ranges appear means that if anyone wants a particular figure then the Fellowship vote (or an MX project!) is the only way to get it.

      Though my own preferences will always be for characters from the books (which is why I voted for Gandalf this time round), I’ve no objections to anyone suggesting anything at all – I don’t have to vote for it if I don’t want to, and don’t have to buy it if it doesn’t appeal to me.

      MMP Elder

        well that’s all too true barliman… Fact is that people submit – what should otherwise be considered common – figurines because the regulard range is too… slow to be released and satisfy people. So if people have some figurines they’d like to see released, they use the GF system to accelerate the process of release… but in the end, that’s not really satisfying for anybody… Either the diorama maker who needs variants, the army make who’d require several types of a same “theme”, and the collector, who will anyway buy a figurine for his collection to keep it complete though he does not like it.

        Let’s look at the lossoth example : some people would gladly like a full range of lossoth, the same way some wanted a range of corsairs. It happens that the corsairs were soon to be released (which was unknown at the time of the vote) and so, it could have been a regular release. So people tend to suggest and vote for things they’d like to see released, no matter if it is special or not….
        Maybe We should suggest to Mithril that future M series be announced quite some time before (providing TE accepts it) and that would help us choose wether or not to suggest something in the GF system…
        Or maybe extend GF power to vote which future release we would like to see released, among a list of choices Mithril would give us. That would be a good idea.
        I doubt there are any GW spies around here that would inform GW about what Mithril plans to do in order to counter Mithril and create problems with TE licensing… that would really be … childish and unproductive , as for sure all of you will agree.
        Maybe this “vote” could only be accessed via the GF boards so that it is not public and require some seriousness as well as not to risk a leak towards GW.


          Hear hear Master elf. “and the general vote proved me wrong on my “way of thinking” “
          Einstein had a very “wrong” way of thinking and he proofed all the others wrong….
          Stay with your way of thinking, you are not alone..

          Master Ent, I would not recommend to cast 200 MX, exept you want to keep 50 for yourself, or sell them over the next years….
          250 GM does not mean 250 figures will be sold. It is a lttle bit like MMP. Aprox 160 members on the old MMP site. 24 now on the new one, wow very impressive. But it is good, a clean up was needed. I’m sure if you would take out all the members of the GM with no aktivite for the last 4 months, ther wouldn’t be to many left eighter. Maybe 50 to 60. We only had 41 voting this month and this was more then usual. :(

          MMP Elder

            thinking about MX… i have some questions for master Ent

            The official page mentions 30 high quality figures + broken mould to be sent to sponsor. Actually that’s quite different from what has been done so far (100+30 and only picture of mould) I was wondering if the Price the sponsor had to pay for this “difference” was significant? Actually, ~2500€ was for 30 figurines or for 100+30 with 100 being sold by Mithril for their income only? Or is the price less expensive, if you choose to have those 100 made and sold with 100% benefits for Mithril, as it is certain to sold out…Could you please give me some info about it master ent? (if you prefer to answer privately I’ll understand of course)

            Holger, once the database is complete… and damn i am overwhelmed at trying to complete it… and the gallery a bit more furnished… I will advertise a lot for this site… and add its link for mithril official website, that may result in a lot of people coming here… out of curiosity at first… And I found several people who were interested, not knowing about this community, and who should appear any time soon on the mailboard.

            Also, please note that in the links section of, still appears there, and is referenced though it does not exist anymore. Maybe we should contact mithril telling them to switch the description and the link to this site instead, and cancel the old link….


              Nice to hear, that there are more people out there interested in Mithril.
              Regarding MX, it always was only 30 minis for Euro 2500.00. Mithril changed only the part with the mould. First they wrote 30 minis + mould. After I asked for the mould they told me the mould has to be destoid, broken. So they cut the mould in two halfs send me the pic from the mould…. and guess what…I’m still waiting for the mould and the masters to arrive at my place.
              Every added number of figures more then the 30 you have to pay for. the more you buy the cheaper becomes the single mini. Just not so good if you order 500 minis and your kids will still have some to sell.:D

              MMP Elder

                then you mean that the 100 more that Mithril is selling for collectors… do exist courtesy of the funds of the sponsor? If a sponsor would or could not afford to pay the “surplus” for these 100 there would not be any of them?
                which means that in the end, it cost far much more than 2500€ ?

                MMP Elder

                  well… vote is over, Gandalf lost… I think I will go back to my corner and fill my database… I am no more good at giving ideas, and anyway, that’s not a month for me :)

                  I have ideas for at least a dozen vignettes, or for 54mm… but no idea for any single figurines so I’ll pass my turn… unless I have a revelation.
                  I begin to think I am collecting figurines that though I enjoy the sculpture and design… have not fit at all my imagination and desires in almost a year (that may be the reason why its been months since I last painted a figurine)

                  Wish I could spend some money on a project of mine, but 2500 is way too much :)


                    Welcome to my life, master Gildor.

                    However, I really did want to see a Knight of Arthedain fighting a Hillman Chieftain for my own nefarious purposes.

                    I am sad to hear that Frumgar hasn’t sold. Oddly, I wrote up Frumgar as a player character in the MERP adventure. I still haven’t finished it (because I’ve been busy, because I suck, and because I still need a camera tripod to take pictures of the figures I want to use to illustrate it).
                    One of the silly conceits of the adventure is to allow players to play Gildor or Anarath or Frumgar as well as nine other non-canon PCs during the last years of the wars between Arthedain and Angmar. The idea is that players are encouraged to buy miniatures (because I am sneaky). Weirdly I was worried that there would not be enough Frumgar models about.

                    It might be worth asking Mithril to list the Frumgar miniature in their “ebay items” section.



                      Anyway, on an entirely mostly-the-same note.

                      What are people suggesting this month?

                      I, myself, am tempted to suggest a Black Numenorean mariner/warrior to go with the Corsairs. Said Black Numenorean warrior could also function as one of the PCs in the MERP 2nd Ed corebook.

                      However, I also like the idea of an Elven sailor from the Grey Havens, as has been suggested – and almost won – on a few occassions.

                      And I am tempted to vote for whatever Mistress Wendy suggests.

                      Hmm, decisions and decisions and yes I should be working.


                      MMP Elder

                        and well sorry to say :) but, like all the former months until now :) I won’t cast my vote to any anonymous figurine :) so well if you want my vote it rather has a name hehe, and even better, an existing name from an existing event ;)
                        (As I said in my previous post…. I can’t help thinking MS figurines are special and for me special means personnality :) lesser or greater, no matter the importance of the personnality itself providing it is a name from Tolkien :)

                        Meanwhile, talking about personnalities…. I am still in need of some help on my database :(


                          I would love to help you, but I need some serious reference material and a clear head. So give me a few weeks and I’ll try and get you the latter. Then I shall give you a hand! :D


                            You are not only paying for the additional 100 minis, you are also paying for the listing on the Mithril site….Nothing is for free in this life!
                            Yep, not everyone has 2500€ floating around in a shoebox. Join the club!

                            [large]But what about a new MX anyhow?[/large]

                            A simple calculation.
                            2500€ divided by 31 (30 minis 1 master) = 80.65€ each mini
                            Starting from here everyone interested could buy as many shares (mins) as he/she would like to 80.65€ each. By the time all 31 shares are sold we could pay Mithril and start with a new MX previosly decided upon what to produce.
                            This MX would really be rare and could achieve a nice attention if sold.

                            What about MX Gandalf flying?
                            [imgz url=][/imgz]
                            Can you see Gandalf between the wings the hair in the wind.

                            Who wants to wait for the next voting and still to be unsure if the figure wins?


                              Huuoooommmm … I think the problem will be the number of “shares” … huomm … and the difficulty to have all “shareholders” agreeing to a certain idea/figure …. hom. I also think that some more minor problems will also be involved in such a project … huom.


                                I everyone choining in buys two shares for 162.00€, we only need 14 people. I believe it is easier to find enough people to choin a MX project like this, then selling 200 Frumgars.:)
                                If you don’t try you’ll never find out!


                                  Without being cynical, good luck with getting that many people to agree on anything!

                                  MMP Elder

                                    I’m not sure I understood well… the 100 public releases + advertisement is included in the 2500€ if not, how much more does it cost.
                                    Your idea of 31 sponsors for 30+1 figurines is ok… providing we have NO MORE than 31 persons around for this project … that’s quite instable…

                                    Anyhow, would it come for a “parallel” MMP voting for MX figurines, with one of us submitting the project and gathering funds to pay Mithril each time… why not, but if it is only for 30 and no more that’s not possible

                                    As for parallel voting (and thus a second GF opportunity ) this forum has the Polling functionnalities perfectly operational for such kind of votes, and the forum in which the polling would be hosted can be locked via password… actually quite the same as Mithril official board… with even better possibilities. Still that requires sponsors, not everybody can affor 80 or so € for a figurine… Maybe it could be a three or four month project, with a long voting time.

                                    by the way, I remind all of you that Landpruneir had the idea to resubmit the Moria gate as a MX vignette…as a community idea for all who would accept to participate.

                                    As for gandalf eagle rider… maybe it is wiser to have it resubmitted next vignette month.. maybe not…. I still have this crowing of Elessar I’d like to see realised.


                                      Well, I guess we could extend the amount of minis over the 30 aswell. So to say if we have 40 people interested in choining MX “Gandalf flight” we could have 40 figures + doubles, if someone likes to have two minis done and divide the whole cost through the ammount of minis produced.


                                        By the way, I’m sure you bought 3 small dwarfs for approx 75€ aswell. There where a lot of people around who couldn’t afford this eighter and therefor didn’t buy them. I can’t afford to buy a Porsche. Well, then I don’t buy one! Easy!
                                        But what we could do to give more people the oppotunity to choin in with a MX is to promote a MX we decided for for example on the GM board. Just an Idea.


                                          Huuuuooooommmmrhuuooommmmmm … hom … Master Caster, I still do regard this as a nice dream … huoommm … one of the kind that will never come true …. huoommm … I’m sure about it … hom.
                                          Many around here know that I was taking part in that “Frumgar-project” … huoommm … and please note and believe me that I will never regret having done suchwise … hom … not at all …
                                          …. rhuoommmmm … but as we (sic!) decided to let do those extra-castings for a dime … huom.
                                          I nowadays can only say it was our mistake … rhuoommm … and that’s why some of them are still left being unsold … .hom … besides …. gruhooommmmrhuoommm … there are other things concerning “Frumgar” that still are unveiled … huommm .. so to say … hom.
                                          And these are the “minor problems” I was referring to …. hom.
                                          Imagine about thirty people trying to cope with such random calculations … huoommm, if you don’t mind the expression … hom … this would turn out to prove that Master Barliman’s comment about this was a bit more than cynical … huoommm … methinks
                                          well, and then, … just to be honest … hom … rhuommm … you can imagine why I last year decided to submission a new MX alone …. rhuooommm … no? … huoomm … for once in my life I always wanted to have a Mithril-figure of which I can say that there’s part of my work (thoughts) being in it … rhuoommhuom … and that’s why I decided for that Imrahil-MX … letting him be my concern alone … rhuoommm … on the other hand there of course also was the idea back in my mind to keep Mithril going by giving another “teaser” additionally to those hundreds of figures … hom … just to … huoommm …. alas … keep it going …. so to say …
                                          hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm (holding breath)
                                          huom … with this I did not want to criticize anything about the “old Frumgar-team”.
                                          rhuooommm … I tried to explain why I think an MX should be something special … hom
                                          (not only because of the money to be spent for that)
                                          …… huoommmm …. and in the end I would like to ask you about forgiveness for these Entish thoughts that suddenly came to my mind …. huooommm …

                                          May I have a bowl of that costly water, Master Barliman, please …. hom …


                                            A thought :rolleyes: I haven’t yet painted any Mithril eagles although they are all waiting, but recently there have been posts about converting oarsmen for the Corsairs, what about converting one of the Eagles and a Gandalf, and……………………………………. Master Caster?

                                            Not a true Mithril, but ;)

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