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      Figurines coming from the Thieves of Tharbad modules/extensions.
      Includes references from M32 to M41.

      Special names :
      Nirnadel  M32 : Princess NIRNADEL™, Dirhavel M33 : DIRHAVEL™ the Alchemist, Silmarien M34 : SILMARIEN™ the Mage, Tardegil M40 : TARDEGIL™, the Army Captain, Nimhir M41 : NIMHIR™ the Regent


        Princess Nirnadel   M32 : Princess NIRNADEL™

        The last king of Cardolan went to his death in battle with Angmar on the Barrow-Downs in the year 1409 of the Third Age. His death was one of the blows that finally destroyed the North Kingdom. Many of Cardolan’s knights and hiratar (barons) fell alongside their king in that final bloody rout.
        The king’s death left but one heir, his daughter, Nirnadel.
        Nirnadel, then dwelling in Tharbad, and barely old enough for the task, was crowned queen, and all expected her to fail. Nirnadel ruled over the fractious feudal realm of Cardolan for three tumultuous years. She had to balance the demands of envoys from Arthedain and Gondor, and fend off the plots and intrigues of the Witch King and his minions. She ruled over a land filled with ambitious and often hostile barons. It was a land bloodied and wounded by the disaster on the Barrow Downs. Despite this, Nirnadel proved to be a worthy ruler – honest, generous, intelligent and wise. She ruled as a Prince of the Dunedain should, and it made her many enemies – and many admirers through the north.
        History records that Nirnadel and his regent, Nimhir, were slain in the winter of 1412, after a reign marked by feudal quarels, courtly intrigue and many assassination attempts. Her death marked the true end of Cardolan, though many princes would name themselves king of Cardolan in the following centuries. Tradition holds that her body was laid in a boat and sent down the Greyflood River out into the eternal sea. But since then, rumours and songs have claimed that she did not die in the assassination attempt and instead was spirited out of Tharbad by adventurers in the service of Elrond of Rivendell; the songs say that she was adopted by the House of Foros in Arthedain and lived a long life. She had several children, the songs say, and her grand-daughter married Argeleb II of Gondor. The truth of this, as in many things about the wars of Cardolan, is unknown.


          Captain Tardegil  M40 : TARDEGIL™, the Army Captain

          Tardegil was the captain of the Tharbad Guard, the household guard of the Kings of Cardolan. A loyal and honest warrior, he had fought alongside Nirnadel’s father in a dozen campaigns in the north. He has asked to accompany his lord into battle in 1409, but his lord, as if seeing the doom that awaited him, ordered Tardegil to say, and watch over Nirnadel, his youngest child.
          When the last king of Cardolan died, the regent, Nimhir, approached him and asked would he swear loyalty to Nirnadel as Queen of Cardolan. Tardegil was a traditionalist, and is said to have disapproved of the idea of a Queen of a Dunedain kingdom. But his ultimate loyalty was to the House of Cardolan. If Nirnadel was not crowned Queen, the House of Cardolan would end, and the line of Isildur in Cardolan with it.
          For three years, he protected his Queen, and tried to hold the crumbling realm of Cardolan together. When Nirnadel died, he is said to have taken his guard and fled to Arthedain, where the line of Isildur still reigned. He may have been appointed to the Arthedain garrison at Sarn Ford, watching over the frontier between Arthedain and Tardegil’s ruined homeland. No more is heard of him, and it is assumed that he fell in one of the many battles with Angmar.


            Nimhir  M41 : NIMHIR™ the Regent

            Nimhir was an aged Dunedain scholar whose family had been stewards of the Royal Estates at Thalion for generations. Nimhir was called to Tharbad in 1398 by his king to serve as an advisor. Nimhir’s quiet honesty and deep intellect was much valued. Later he would be annointed Lord Chancellor of Cardolan, second only to the king. His appointment, over the heads of more “worthy” figures – such as the hiratar of the rich Cardolan hinterlands caused much resentment. But he was an able Chancellor, and when the king of Cardolan marched north to war, he was named Regent of Cardolan.
            When the king of Cardolan died, Nimhir made the fateful choice to name his charge, Nirnadel as Queen of Cardolan. Supported by the Gondorian legate, and Tardegil, the captain of the guard, he moved quickly and ruthlessly to overrule the hiratar and claim the crown in the name of Nirnadel. In the three years of Nirnadel’s reign, he skillfully played the various powers and contenders off each other. Offering the prize of marriage to Nirnadel, he negotiated the loyalty and peace of the various barons, while keeping a sharp eye on Arthedain’s ambitions and Angmar’s military intentions. Between Nimhir’s cunning, Tardegil’s firm command and Nirnadel’s nobility, the crown of Cardolan managed to stave off chaos for three long years.
            Nimhir was slain along with his charge in 1412.


              Silmarien   M34 : SILMARIEN™ the Mage

              There has always been a rag merchant in Tharbad, a poor little shop in a poor little quarter of town. The title of the shop if laughably grand: Silmarien’s. Local rumour claims that the tired, bent, ragged old woman who owns the shop is the long distant descendant of some ancient Edain house. The story is amusing, though the clothes sold are very fine. Silmarien can repair beloved shirts and cloaks and mend worker’s smocks and maiden’s skirts alike. Silmarien is respected, even loved, though few can say that they really know the woman.

              At night, when the shop is closed, and the lamps are lit along the river, a woman moves through the shadows and out into the nighttime world of the city. The woman is tall, stately, sophisticated and sharp of eye. Sometimes she travels beyond the city, there to meet an old man in a grey cloak with a blue hat.

              Silmarien is Gandalf the Grey’s agent in Tharbad. She is a weaver of magics herself, and a trusted pair of eyes, always watchful for the Witch King’s agents and plots. She is a member of the Hildinolë (Q: The Followers of Wisdom), a loose semi secret society of loremasters and enchanters who study the arts of magic under Saruman and Gandalf and attempt to undermine the sorceries of the Witch King. Compared to the Wizards, they had little power, but in a time when cursed frosts and were-winds blew across the North, every little helped.

              Some later sources would claim that Silmarien had Eldarin blood in her veins, that she was exceptionally long lived, that the Silmarien that opened the shop in the 14th century of the Third Age was the Silmarien who closed that shop and moved on in the 20th century of the Third Age, but the truth of this matter is unknown. The same sources also claim that she may have been involved in the plot to spirit Princess Nirnadel out of Tharbad to Arthedain.


                Dirhavel the Alchemist   M33 : DIRHAVEL™ the Alchemist

                Dirhavel is a purveyor of potions, medicines and chemicals. His clients include clothing makers seeking better dyes, physicians seeking drugs and even high born ladies seeking mixtures to improve their complexions. He is also a mystic of some repute and is frequently visited by strangers from afar.

                Dirhavel is a true blooded Dunedain. He is nearly a century old, but is still in the prime of his life. He is tall, vigorous, sharp witted and serious. He misses little. He may spend his days in his workshop surrounded by strange admixtures and bubbling pots, but little occurs in the city that he does not know about. He may not be a member of the Hildinolë, but he is no friend of Angmar’s either. He is loyal to the House of Cardolan and has spent his life working to try and keep his beloved land safe.

                Dirhavel’s lifelong project is to recreate the Palantiri. With a constellation of new Palantirs, Dirhavel believes, the Crown of Cardolan would have advance warning of the movements of all enemies – and they could keep a weather eye on the plots and ambitions of Arthedain and Gondor, too. Had the Crown of Cardolan a Palantir, the disaster on the Barrow Downs would never have happened. Alas, though he has had some promising successes, the means of making a Palantir are far beyond him. Feanor, Dirhavel guesses, used some form of sand to make the glass that does not exist in the Hither-Lands. But he still attempts to recreate the glass using exotic ingredients.

                Dirhavel will often hire adventurers and travellers to go abroad and find exotic ingredients for him. The cost matters little. If he could deliver a Palantir to the Throne of Cardolan, then his life’s work would be complete.

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