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    *Nob begins to fix a large pannel at the entrance of the inn with his little hammer and some used nails*

    Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
    Gildor Inglorion, rightly named “the Wandering Elf”, is recruiting active volunteers to help him in his hard task of referencing all existing figurines from Mithril. Each volunteer will be assigned one task. (If he volunteers for more, it is up to him or her) There are three main needs of help, these are :

    -getting copyright/release date info for each figurine (it counts as one task)
    -checking the redundant occurences of some particulary known characters appearing several times in all Mithril range (the current redundancy list will be posted as Annex to this announce) (it counts as one task)
    -Getting a description for each figurine. Description may include : technical information related to the “history” of the figurine making/rarity/release issues AND/OR character background (absolutly required for all MERP characters) AND/OR a quote from the books related to this figurine in particular (quote in italic, source in bold) (this counts as five tasks, as follows : One first “batch” is to check and correct/complete all the existing reference in the database from M1 to M124, then groups of 125 figurines MAXIMUM : M125-M250, M251-M375, M376-M500, and also MC-MCD, LR-LT-LO-Christmas. that makes 5 lots and thus 5 tasks, if we have more volunteers, we can make smaller batches)

    All these info are to be sent directly to his mailbox (not in private message this time) using the special writing technique used as “.DOC” . For examples regarding the description requirements, you can check the existing ones in the database and use the same model. the pre-formated sentences in bold/italic/red mentionning figurines are from MERP are to be kept in the same form for all MERP figurines not yet filled.

    So, who will help the gentle Elf? Submit your candidature at the bottom of this pannel :

    Volunteer for Dates?
    Volunteer for Redundancy?
    Volunteer for description Batch 1 (M1-124)?
    Volunteer for description Batch 1 (M125-250)?
    Volunteer for description Batch 1 (M251-375)?
    Volunteer for description Batch 1 (M376-500)?
    Volunteer for description Batch 1 (MC/MCD,LO,LR,LT,Christmas)?

    You are free to choose several tasks depending on your availability, but once a person is affected to one task, no other will choose the same task (it is in order to avoid parallel working and wasting time and effort for all of you)

    *Nob finishes hammering the little nails, then leaves back for inside the inn, carrying his little stool with him*

    Coming master Butterbur!! Don’t hit me on the head!