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    Well, Nob, it will need some time to check your list … I’ll have a closer look (as I remember there’s someone keeping up such a list – but it’s not me, I just save some of those things) .. here it is…. I found it …
    I think first of all there could be an alphabetical order in it … don’t you think so?
    So starting with:

    Adunaphel LR13
    Akhorahil LR14
    Aragorn 113,124,139,281,343,423,434,LR32,LT2,ME2,LO4

    Is it that you asked for?

    Your above list is absolutely incomplete. Sorry to say that.
    So I could provide a more complete list in alphabetical order (which makes it easier for people looking for certain releases … so to say) though it has not been revised for about a year or so … I might ask good old Axel to update that. Otherwise I would have to type that myself as there’s only a hardcopy at my desk … anyway … I could provide that, of course.
    Let me know.