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    Perfect! exactly what I needed. Thanks a lot Theobald!

    (NB : indeed the C5C is permanently lost as well as the angrenost guardsman)

    The fact they are lost though, tends to make us believe that unlike the others… those two may not have been put into “sample casting”, there were some 20 or 30 of each other figurines, I find it difficult to believe that a whole lot of 20 or 30 of a given figurine would be lost. I thus assume that it was the very unique masters of these figurines that were lost. Since it was only prototyping, maybe Mithril did not check if they were missing at the time of the sample casting because they did not focus a lot on that… which would end up meaning that, as a “small unreleased quantity” warband as a whole, those two never existed…. they only did as master prototypes.