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    I have a life, I have a home… I have hobbies… though this is not the best place to discuss about it just little comments.

    I am System administrator at university and currently (until next friday) it is the “winter holidays of february” for students. So, though I am not myself on vacations, I am at work, with almost no work to do all days, so I spend my time coding and improving MMP. Knowing perfectly that the most difficult part is coding… and though filling info is long and boring it is easy…I prefer doing the coding when I am not disturbed. So I mainly code for MMP… at work, but that won’t last ;) it’s only exceptionnal (remember theobald that my Mithril project was on standby for several months! but all the MMP community gave me back some motivation)

    As for hobbies, I have only two main ones : Mithril (and Tolkien) and Everquest2… I spent most of my time on Everquest2 though (it is an MMORPG) but I take time for Mithril too…. As for coding… well once you are getting used to it, it ends up being easier…

    I’m quite proud now to announce that “MMP and Mithril Faerylands” is now complete with all its modules: database/gallery/forum/trading. I can’t think of anything more I could add now.