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I’ll just hijack this thread 😎

MW 336 Gondor army [ 29 ] Mithirl code Time Machine code

1 Mounted captain (2 horse variations) b1 CMD
2 Sergeants b6 CMD
1 Trumpeter b2 CMD
1 Standard bearer b3 CMD
10 Heavy infantry / 3 types
ornate shoulder b4a SEN-8
plain shoulder b4b SEN-7
chain shoulder b4c SEN-9
8 Light infantry / 4 types
throwing, ornate shoulder b5a SEN-4
throwing, studded tunic b5b SEN-3
thrusting b5c SEN-5
throwing javelin b5d SEN-2
6 Archers b7 SEN-6

I already had this info typed up, so it would be crappy of me not to share! I included the Time Machine codes to make it very easy for anyone needing some figs to know what to order.
Orcs to follow!

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