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The orcs!

Number T.M. Code Aspect
a1 CMD Orc Warlord
a2 CMD Orc Standard Bearer
a3 CMD Orc Drummer
a4 CMD Orc Trumpeter
a5a ORC-6 Adv. sword over head
a5b ORC-3 Running, spear, helmet
a5c ORC-7 Running, sword at waist
a5d ORC-2 Running, spear, bare-head
a5d(v) ORC-4 Throwing spear
a6a ORC-8 Archer, pointed cap
a6b ORC-9 Archer, hood
a6c ORC-11 Archer, helmet
a6d ORC-10 Archer, bare-head
a7a ORC-15 running, sword, two-horn helmet
a7b ORC-12 Adv. axe at waist
a7c ORC-13 Adv. Sword, helmet
a7d ORC-14 Adv. Bare-head, sword
a8a ORC-5 Adv. axe over head
a8b ORC-18 Adv. scimitar,three-horned helmet
a8c ORC-17 Attacking, sword overhead,helm
a8d ORC-16 Attacking, sword overhead,bare-head

The oddball in the bunch is the a5d figures. I can’t remember for sure, but I think the a5d throwing the spear I marked with a (v) for variant. I think it shares the same number with the a5d running with the spear. I didn’t have any spear throwing a5d(v) in my original warband and got my copies from TIme Machine.

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