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well that’s all too true barliman… Fact is that people submit – what should otherwise be considered common – figurines because the regulard range is too… slow to be released and satisfy people. So if people have some figurines they’d like to see released, they use the GF system to accelerate the process of release… but in the end, that’s not really satisfying for anybody… Either the diorama maker who needs variants, the army make who’d require several types of a same “theme”, and the collector, who will anyway buy a figurine for his collection to keep it complete though he does not like it.

Let’s look at the lossoth example : some people would gladly like a full range of lossoth, the same way some wanted a range of corsairs. It happens that the corsairs were soon to be released (which was unknown at the time of the vote) and so, it could have been a regular release. So people tend to suggest and vote for things they’d like to see released, no matter if it is special or not….
Maybe We should suggest to Mithril that future M series be announced quite some time before (providing TE accepts it) and that would help us choose wether or not to suggest something in the GF system…
Or maybe extend GF power to vote which future release we would like to see released, among a list of choices Mithril would give us. That would be a good idea.
I doubt there are any GW spies around here that would inform GW about what Mithril plans to do in order to counter Mithril and create problems with TE licensing… that would really be … childish and unproductive , as for sure all of you will agree.
Maybe this “vote” could only be accessed via the GF boards so that it is not public and require some seriousness as well as not to risk a leak towards GW.

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