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    Hear hear Master elf. “and the general vote proved me wrong on my “way of thinking” “
    Einstein had a very “wrong” way of thinking and he proofed all the others wrong….
    Stay with your way of thinking, you are not alone..

    Master Ent, I would not recommend to cast 200 MX, exept you want to keep 50 for yourself, or sell them over the next years….
    250 GM does not mean 250 figures will be sold. It is a lttle bit like MMP. Aprox 160 members on the old MMP site. 24 now on the new one, wow very impressive. But it is good, a clean up was needed. I’m sure if you would take out all the members of the GM with no aktivite for the last 4 months, ther wouldn’t be to many left eighter. Maybe 50 to 60. We only had 41 voting this month and this was more then usual. :(