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thinking about MX… i have some questions for master Ent

The official page mentions 30 high quality figures + broken mould to be sent to sponsor. Actually that’s quite different from what has been done so far (100+30 and only picture of mould) I was wondering if the Price the sponsor had to pay for this “difference” was significant? Actually, ~2500€ was for 30 figurines or for 100+30 with 100 being sold by Mithril for their income only? Or is the price less expensive, if you choose to have those 100 made and sold with 100% benefits for Mithril, as it is certain to sold out…Could you please give me some info about it master ent? (if you prefer to answer privately I’ll understand of course)

Holger, once the database is complete… and damn i am overwhelmed at trying to complete it… and the gallery a bit more furnished… I will advertise a lot for this site… and add its link for mithril official website, that may result in a lot of people coming here… out of curiosity at first… And I found several people who were interested, not knowing about this community, and who should appear any time soon on the mailboard.

Also, please note that in the links section of, still appears there, and is referenced though it does not exist anymore. Maybe we should contact mithril telling them to switch the description and the link to this site instead, and cancel the old link….

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