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Welcome to my life, master Gildor.

However, I really did want to see a Knight of Arthedain fighting a Hillman Chieftain for my own nefarious purposes.

I am sad to hear that Frumgar hasn’t sold. Oddly, I wrote up Frumgar as a player character in the MERP adventure. I still haven’t finished it (because I’ve been busy, because I suck, and because I still need a camera tripod to take pictures of the figures I want to use to illustrate it).
One of the silly conceits of the adventure is to allow players to play Gildor or Anarath or Frumgar as well as nine other non-canon PCs during the last years of the wars between Arthedain and Angmar. The idea is that players are encouraged to buy miniatures (because I am sneaky). Weirdly I was worried that there would not be enough Frumgar models about.

It might be worth asking Mithril to list the Frumgar miniature in their “ebay items” section.


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