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You are not only paying for the additional 100 minis, you are also paying for the listing on the Mithril site….Nothing is for free in this life!
Yep, not everyone has 2500€ floating around in a shoebox. Join the club!

[large]But what about a new MX anyhow?[/large]

A simple calculation.
2500€ divided by 31 (30 minis 1 master) = 80.65€ each mini
Starting from here everyone interested could buy as many shares (mins) as he/she would like to 80.65€ each. By the time all 31 shares are sold we could pay Mithril and start with a new MX previosly decided upon what to produce.
This MX would really be rare and could achieve a nice attention if sold.

What about MX Gandalf flying?
[imgz url=][/imgz]
Can you see Gandalf between the wings the hair in the wind.

Who wants to wait for the next voting and still to be unsure if the figure wins?

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