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    I’m not sure I understood well… the 100 public releases + advertisement is included in the 2500€ if not, how much more does it cost.
    Your idea of 31 sponsors for 30+1 figurines is ok… providing we have NO MORE than 31 persons around for this project … that’s quite instable…

    Anyhow, would it come for a “parallel” MMP voting for MX figurines, with one of us submitting the project and gathering funds to pay Mithril each time… why not, but if it is only for 30 and no more that’s not possible

    As for parallel voting (and thus a second GF opportunity ) this forum has the Polling functionnalities perfectly operational for such kind of votes, and the forum in which the polling would be hosted can be locked via password… actually quite the same as Mithril official board… with even better possibilities. Still that requires sponsors, not everybody can affor 80 or so € for a figurine… Maybe it could be a three or four month project, with a long voting time.

    by the way, I remind all of you that Landpruneir had the idea to resubmit the Moria gate as a MX vignette…as a community idea for all who would accept to participate.

    As for gandalf eagle rider… maybe it is wiser to have it resubmitted next vignette month.. maybe not…. I still have this crowing of Elessar I’d like to see realised.