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The list is from Nov 2005 by Axel Schudak … I just saved the hard-copy, so I’m reprinting:

Adunaphel LR13
Akhorahil LR14
Allater LR4
Amroth 208
Anarion 274
Anborn 383
Aragorn 113,124,139,281,343,423,434,LR32,LT2,ME2,LO4
Argeleb 354
Arhendrhiril 64
Arwen 139,343,LR40,CH1
Artus CH 95
Azog 164
Balin 343,MS453
Balrog 300
Bard 132,235,CH96
Barliman 387,LR31,CH99
Beleg 221
Beorn 85,86,233
Beregond CH02
Bergil 196
Beruthiel MS438
Bilbo 62,104,140,144,227,341,362,MS441,MS453,LR22,LO17
Bill Ferny 118, LR33
Bill the Pony 393,LR34
Blancho 58b,353
Boromir 128,283,434,LO9
Brandir 243
Brodda 241
Burzash MX436
Celeborn 137,211,399,LO28
Celebrimbor 225
Cirdan 273,MS440,LR8
Cirion 258
Dain 164,366
Damrod 380
Deagol 83
Denethor 195
Dernhelm -> Eowyn
Dori 140
Dwalin MS453
Dwaw LR15
Elendil 271,435
Elladan LR38
Elrohir 339,LR39
Elrond 1,143,226,230,270,338,LR6,LR37,CH98,LO16
Eomer 262,419,LO21
Eorl 258
Eowyn 279,316,LO19 (+CH)
Erkenbrand LT7
(?) Fangorn 185
Faramir 200,377,LO26,CH04
Fatty Bolger LR27
Fatty Lumpkin LR29
Fimbrethil 188
Findulas 240
Forlong the old 424
Fram MX421
Freddy Bolgar 351
Frodo 113,123,287,327,332,373,374,375,376,LR23,LO2,LO30
Gaffer LR27
Galadriel 2,136,205,400,LR9,MA1,LO10
Gallion 66
Gamling LT5
Gandalf 52,125,176,228,289,299,350,360,361,362,LR1,LT1,CH94,LO1,LO20
* not complete: MS 290 not considered
Ghan-Buri-Ghan 248
Gil-Galad 269,435,LR10
Gildor Inglorion 373,LR25,LO25

hmmm … this is where I want to stop for today. Of course I can type the rest of the list … but Gildor, is it of any use for you? … you mind that it has not been updated since Nov. 05.
I just want to let me know … of course I’m aware that this simply is a working sheet … somehow I don’t know how to help you withyour brilliant work for the new MMP … so tell me please, if I should type the rest of the alphabetical order from 05 … I’d like to help wherever I can …

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