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you will notice my dear master ent, that if you remove all the “single appearence” references from your list , my own list was quite complete :)

As I said, I only need “cross references”, not all personnalities, but only those with at least two occurences :)
Indeed… any figurine that could be released in the future could generate a new “entry” in this list for characters who were only casted once before…. For example, what if Palando or Alatar were to be released in the M series….they would have double entry with the LR series :)

too bad we don’t have more Palando and Alatar… but doing that NOW could generate a big issue and problem with TE… At the time of LR releases , istari names and nazgul ICE names were not a problem… It may be, now

(NB : Alatar and Palando are not inventions from ICE but true names of the blue wizards, as mentionned in Unfinished Tales Appendices, and UT is not covered by Tolkien Enterprise…)

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