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I would like to pass on some information about it. For those who are interested.

Last year (2007) I decided to comission a new MX, as I do like my Mithrils. It was clear to me that it has to be a personality, mounted. Before that I was in contact with one of our friends about an MX idea. He also preferred a rider and suggested an advancing Gondorian with a sword pointing forwards with the outstretched right arm to lead an attack. In those days I was considering a rearing horse, but more vertical in its pose, mounting much more higher than the one in the MV420 vignette. I was focused on one of those horses of the old Elastolin-Hausser series of Normans. Oh, by the way, one of those figures made up the basic idea for “Frumgar” (who never became a what we now call a ‘cover version’ as it was simply used to illustrate Chris what the idea was about).
So last year I contacted Chris about a new MX. By then I was decided to submission for having a nice Christmas-present for myself. (Well, I always do that. You know, you never can be sure of what other people are willing to give you … or if there will be gifts at all … so you have to be sure. And the only person I can rely upon is me. – As for those of you who might regard this attitude as being too much selfish I would like to remind you of my what some of you might call a Hobbit-like character, that means to give presents on your birthday, not to take presents.)

Well, back to that Imrahil. I suggested ideas to Chris and he gave advice. The only thing we agreed was that a mounted figure always sells well. Alas, I wasn’t considering such aspects those days. The figure of that Gondorian rider could have been given a name I suppose. But I think that it would be too closely associated with the scene in the movie. And to be honest, I think I forgot to tell him about that rearing horse.
So all was in vain, I thought.
I left several weeks pass trying to find a new idea I could do on my own without upsetting others I was in contact with about further MX-plans.
I tried to remember what I liked most reading the LotR the first time (sic). It was about the Battle of the Pelennor Fields. When all that danger was swept away, wave by wave, from Minas Tirith. As I always was fascinated by valiant knights since childhood the Swan Knights and Imrahil were in my mind. So there’s a hero who has to see a Mithril-light. Only the Christmas Figure of the year 2000 gave him shape so far (though rather being a bit, well… stiff. There’s no Imrahil in any regular or MS-release so far. That’s what I wondered.
Of course an MX has to represent an important character of Tolkien’s works. (just imagine “advancing orc with spear” as an MX-figure)

So I contacted Chris again about this idea adding some ideas of my own about pose, garment and situation. I was thinking about Imrahil, after the battle at the Pelennor Fields, greeting holding up the standard of the ‘Swan Knights’… but obviously battle-worn.
The reaction was based on coincidence. He was about finishing the “Swan Knights” in those days.
He told me that he was very much interested to have a “good opportunity for an interesting character study”. He sent me a picture of those “Dol Amroth” series (I cannot provide, sorry … as all of that series is still “under wraps”).
But that way he offered me to consider details of armour, signs, shape of helmets, etc.
Of course the MX-Imrahil has to fit with the further “Swan-Knight” release. But do believe me, they’re superb!
So the standard Imrahil is holding up for greeting is the same as the one of the standard-bearer of the ‘Swan Knights’ – just a bit torn by then … the shield shows slashes and the helmet is dented … the hair, being relieved of the helmet, is “somewhat bedraggled”.
I could mention more details we discussed … about the base of the figure, etc. (e.g. some slain orcs or suchwise).
No, I will not strain your patience reading this.
If you like, I could give away further details about this MX … just contact me or ask right away.

At the Ent I would like to stress something:
I do not regard these last entries of mine … wherever they were, here or at the Pony as merchandising my Imrhahil. I also do not like me to be regarded here as kind of self-representation. Having a look at my entries here I can imagine someone’s thinking like that …

it is not my intention … rhuuooommmmmm.

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