Reply To: MX463 Imrahil

MMP Elder

    Well actually Theobald you have the same way of thinking as me… And honestly this Imrahil is and will be, according to me, and so far, the best MX released ever! Honestly a great piece!

    There is something I envy you… I have written to Chris Tubb at least a dozen times in the past months, to ask him for news, for info, for pictures, indeed i told him to take time to answer… as I know he is busy… but as he used to be elusive in our former mail exchanges…. These past months, he has simply been silent to all my inquiries :( and that worries/upsets me quite a bit, as these inquiries I made of him are but repetitions of former inquiries I have made him several times for some years now…. mainly pictures :(

    I know you can’t reveal anything on the forthcoming knights of dol-amroth but there is something maybe you can tell… is the whole series about Mounted figurines or are there any single unmounted figurines in the set?