Reply To: MX463 Imrahil

MMP Elder

Be assured that if your proposition about offering me one of the 30 first Imrahil still stands, I will nonetheless buy one from Mithril as I really like this figurine :) but damn… I will soon begin to miss place to display my figurines again…

by the way, pics of vingilot… well indeed that would be interesting but it is about the1989 and 1991 christmas that I have been desperatly trying to get pics :( these are not prototypes… these are promotional and though unfindable, they are “public” and should have a chance to be displayed online… the same way they are displayed in this figurine museum in Spain ‘juegos senza frontera”… who have both of them but never paid any attention to my mails either to send me pics :(

As you can see.. I have been doing intensive research :( but alas…

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