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Now I know from where I had seen this sword!! it’s from your conversion master caster! you had sent me a copy of it (that I painted by the way, and I will send you a pic of it :) ) I thought I had it for the M16 because I saw it in this conversion

there are two figurines with a separate dagger master Ent be carefull not to switch them M10 and M15 have little daggers.
As for the M10 dagger I am sure to have the right one as it was attached to the base , (like the M16… and thanksfully, for THIS one I had the true dagger) but I never found out how to glue this dagger , it seems odd…

I wish I could ask arnaud godet for permission to use his pictures for my database… this database of HIS is a pure jewel in matter of counting pieces and have a good look at them unglued!

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