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    Appendice 1 : Current Redundancy List :
    Unless some major characters are to be released by Mithril, who have not yet been released at all so far, the list of names is not to be updated, only the occurences of these names. In case You notice some major character missing from this list, please add it at the very bottom of the list in bold. This list is not very up to date, so it will require modifications (I overlooked the MC-MCD references but could you please add them?) All modifications must be done in red..but as you can see it is quite well filled already.

    Frodo&Sam : M113,M123,MB237,M287,M327,M332,MV373,MV374,MV375,MV376,M393,MB396,LR23,LO2,LO3,LO30, MC10, MC35, MCD2
    Galadriel : M1,M136,M205,M400,M423b,LR9,LO10,MA1,Chr1992, MC10, MC16, MCD8
    Elrond : M2,M143,M230,MB236,M270,M338,LR6,LR37,LO16,Chr1998, MC4, MCD1
    The Witch King : M3,MB279,MS299,MS458,MS495,LR11,LO29,MSA1
    Barrow Wight King (or lord) : M24,M255,M256,M257,MV376,LR30, MC28, MCD10
    Theoden : M27,M260,MB279,MV361,MV419,LT6,LO22,Chr1997, MC22
    Gandalf : M52,M125,M176,M228,MB236,MB237,M289,MS299,M350,MV360,MV361,MV362,LT1,LR1,LO1,LO20,Chr1994,MC2 , MC11, MCD1, MCD6
    Tom Bombadil : M53,MS297,MV375,LR29,LO13
    Goldberry : M54,M321,MV375,LR28,LO14, MC34
    Barliman Butterbur (Innkeeper of Bree) : M55,M387,LR31,Chr1999
    Marcho & Blanco : M58,M353
    Smaug : M62,MB346,MB422
    Thranduil : M63,M234,MB236,MS462, MC8, MCD5
    Legolas : M64,M126,MB237,M282,LT3,LO4, MC14
    Radagast : M84,LR3,Chr2003
    Beorn : M85,M86,M233,MB236,MS455, MC7
    Bilbo : M104,M140,M144,M227,MB236,M341,MV362,MS441,MS453,LR22,LO17, MC1, MC37, MCD3, MCD4
    Aragorn (Strider) : M113,M124,M139,MB237,M281,MS298,M343,MS423,MS434,MS459,MS470,LT2,LR32,LO4,ME2,Chr1988, MC12, MCD7
    Bill Ferny : M118,LR33
    Gimli : M127,MB237,M282,LT4,LO5, MC14
    Boromir : M128,MB237,M283,MS434,LO9, MC13, MCD7
    Merry&Pippin : M129,M183,M184,M185,M196,MB237,MB279,M290,MV419,LR24,LO7,LO8, MC15, MC1, MCD2
    Master of Esgaroth : M131
    Bard Bowman : M132,M235,MB236,Chr1996, MC9, MCD5
    Celeborn : M137,M211,M399,LO28
    Saruman : M138,M175,MV360,LR2,LO11,LO20, MC17, MCD6, MCD9
    Arwen : M139,MS298,M343,LR40,Chr1991
    The Great Goblin : M141,M231,MB236, MC5, MCD11
    Glorfindel : M142,MS495,LR36, MC6
    Gollum : M144;M232,MB236,M383,MB396,LO17, MC1, MC40, MCD3
    Nazgul (undefined ones) : M146,M147,M329,M349,MV374,LR20,LR35,LO12, MC25, MC26, MCD10
    Thorin : M155,M229,MB236,M363,MS453, MC3, MC36, MCD3
    Thrain : M156
    Dain&Azog : M164,M366
    Grima Wormtongue : M181,MV331,LO23, MC18, MCD9
    Denethor : M195, MC20
    Bergil : M196
    Faramir : M200,M377,MS454,LO26,Chr2004, MC39
    Ioreth : M202
    Amroth : M208
    Nimrodel : M209
    Turin : M215,M220,M238,M244
    Niennor/Niniel : M216,M245
    Gwindor : M224,M240
    Isildur :MS226,M272,MV359,LR7,LO18,Chr1989,Chr1993
    Ghan-Buri-Ghan : M248
    Eorl : MS258,MS460
    Fram : MX421
    Frumgar : MX456
    Eomer : M262,MV419,MS470,LO21, MC23
    Hama : M266, LT11
    Gil-Galad : M269,MS435,LR10
    Elendil : M271,MS435
    Cirdan : M273,MS440,LR8
    Eowyn : MB279,M316,MV420,MS454,LO19,Chr2000
    Gwaihir : M301
    Elrohir : M339,LR39
    Farmer Maggot : M348,LR26
    Fatty Bolger : M351,LR27
    Lobelia&Lotho : M352
    Balin : M364,MS453, MC38
    Gloïn : M365,MS453
    Gildor Inglorion : MV373,LR25,LO25
    Imrahil : MV420,Chr2002
    Bill the Poney : M393,LR34
    Elladan : LR38
    Treebeard: M185, MC19
    Mouth of Sauron: M145, MC24

    I think I’m done. Let me know if there are any errors.