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Thank you good folk for your comments, and you are right Gildor – I always start out to vary colours, but sometimes it doesn’t work out like that.

I tend to go for the darker look myself in most instances and usually give my Mithrils a wash of dark paint/ink as well. To be honest I spent most of my modelling career painting large scale figures so sometimes find it difficult to adopt the techniques used by the small figure painters.

Incidently the horse was shaded/dappled using chalk pastels which are very good for this effect.

Sadly I’ve had a bit of time on my hands as our poor little dog (actually he is a 9 stone (sorry I don’t do kilo’s) Bull Mastiff) has just had a serious [doggy] knee operation so I have grabbed the spare time when I can’t be doing anything else cos I’m looking after him ;) Well his pain is my gain.

Actually I have almost finished Thranduil as well – this would be a great figure for a ‘painter’ with keen eyesight as you can really go to town on the painting – alas I am coming to the conclusion that I may need to get my eyes tested as things are not focusing as well as they used to :(

You must be frustrated Master Ent to have engineered this figure and have to wait for yours while everyone else gets theirs.

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