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No news of anything secret on the Mithril front, DOl Amroth are just waiting final approval from TE and the Easterlings are progressing well, and CT is catching up on the GF figures. There was no indication of what further ranges might be in the pipeline.

He did say some very interesting things about ranges he would love to do, not just Middle Earth (if it wasn’t for the lisence issues we would have had armies from all over Middle Earth), but Dark Ages type stuff – these are just wish-lists not ‘going to happen’ ranges – I just happened to mention how nice the Romans and Britons were and Chris mentioned what he would love to do.

Apart from being a bit chunkier for wargaming, size-wise I honestly could tell much if any difference between them (Romans & Britons) and Mithril figures and considering they were selling packs of about 10 figures for £10 they (the Britons) would be very useful as a Dunland army.

Still the wolf rider is very nice the ref number underneath is M496 with C Prince August and Salute 08 – you may have mentioned that already Barli.

I think as we all know that the man is very busy at the moment so don’t worry if you do not receive email replies it is not because he is ignoring you or feels offended, just sheer volume of work. I have met the people on that side of the hobby, i.e. traders, producers who would ignore polite requests and CT is definately not of that breed he takes time out to talk and is interested in what ‘we’ say.

An interesting piece was on display Master Ent – not quite LotR, but some figures looked very similar and that was a chess set! I’m not sure if it is on the PA site, but some of the pawns looked very orcish to me.

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