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Thank you for keeping us informed, Master Daines. As you addressed me directly I have to answer. So I do.
Well, a complete chess-set to buy would be too expensive for me (though I still like the idea). The one offered by PA really has got nice figures, related to Mithril releases. Yes, indeed. But who can afford?
Then you’re right about the “Britons”. For those ‘wargamers’ that is a non-expensive source for creating a Dunland army. The Man seems to be very much informed about details of Celtic design and armour he provided with some miniatures in the early M-ranges. Just have a look at M177A, M177B, or even the Easterling Hithlum warrior M242, not forgetting the LT14A, LT14B and LT12 which all definitely refer to Celtic warriors imagined to be at the time of Breaca (Boudica – “she who brings victory”, a derivative of the goddess Briga). Then here you have the connection to the Romans and the Man’s interest in those figures. That’s where, I think, the idea for the series of ‘Romans and Britons’ comes from. Having a look at also the details of the Roman miniatures the Man’s interest becomes clear. Then it’s no surprise that the vignette range is called “Teutoburger Wald” as it refers to Arminius slaying those legions of Varus. Though the place still cannot be confirmed by historians. (I just remember, because I live close to the monument of “Herman the German”.)
Oh, sorry … I was diverting ..
That Easterling army should be finished by now … though it took a long time to finish, as all of them are horsed, as far as I can recall … but please, my brain sometimes is similar to our barkeep’s …
TE’s approval is not a real problem, as far as I can judge. The MX-Imrahil received it, and as there’s another mounted Imrahil and a mounted standard-bearer within the next “Swan-Knights”-release there won’t be a problem about any approval. It’s just the matter that those figures could be regarded as an army … which might cause envy of other companies producing war-gaming miniatures, so to say.
Alas, that’s the way I see it.
Well, here I would like to stress what you said about The Man, Master Daines:
he is “definately not of that breed, he takes time out to talk and is interested in what ‘we’ say.”
In spite of that we should respect what he does. As he (very successfully) tries to cope with all those figures monthly suggested on the Gold-Board we should also try to respect his privacy and leave him some time for his family. I think it’s worth it, as you can witness with every single figure being produced.
Sorry, somehow I couldn’t stop typing … I hope you don’t get me wrong … or feel annoyed because of my talkativeness (is there such a word in English?)
have a nice day – all of you

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