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    Master Ent, you are quite right about TE’s approval they are just very, well Entish (if you will excuse the expression, but nothing else seems to describe their lack of haste ;)) when it comes to pulling their finger out and saying “Ok, that’s fine go ahead and produce them”.

    In fact TE actually use Mithril designs as a bench mark for other companies because Mithril have been producing Middle Earth figures for so long. But alas it still doesn’t mean that Mithril get approved any the quicker!

    Gildor, regarding that ‘missing’ Christmas figure, the one that is reputed to be a 32mm vignette (is it 1989?), well the man himself said he cannot recall whatsoever what this Christmas release was, he even rang the mould-maker at Mithril, but alas this person wasn’t there that year. So I guess it will remain a mystery for now :| Chris himself could only think it was a scene similar to the Isildur, Othar and Elrond Fellowhip vignette, but thought he may have been confusing his memory with that Fellowship release. You may already know this Gildor, but if you didn’t then that is from the man himself.