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RRRRrruuoommmmmm … I hope you enjoyed painting that piece of metal …. well-done, Gavin you also stressed the horse as being one of the royal-breeds. Chris decided to add that those details at the brows of the horse, because I asked him to sculpt that horse being definetily recognizable from those of the regular “Swan Knights”. Our intention was to fit the MX within the existant regualar release. So the banner had to be adjusted … as a new design. So I agreed with Chris to have bearing Imrahil a banner, rather more than a standard.
My original idea was to have an “Imrahil at the Pelennor Fields, greeting Minas Tirith, holding up the standard of the ‘Swan Knights’ after such a battle. So his armour has to provide this … the dashes in the helm, the shield, now rested at the horse’s side, the frayed banner, the pose of the horse standing on 4 feet, relaxing but being proud as Imrahil himself. Chris told me that this idea would give him a chance to sculpt what he likes most : giving a figure individual shape.
I do remember those days when we discussed whether the helmet should be at the head or rather ebing taken off after such a battle, just to breathe air again. I suggested having his (Imrahil’s) hair being knotted at the right, as Celtic warriors would do) … then Chis told me that we have to keep his hair flowing in the wind, as it gives a better impression of being relieved after lifting the helmet …
I cut off here now, I do hope you enjoy that miniature.
Alas, I would like to tell that all I comment on is based on pics you provided. So far I have got not a single Imrahil. But I would rather like to add that it was the same witht he Frumgar-MX’
I will comment on this within the next days …

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