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    I didn’t attend the show myself (way too busy), so thanks for reporting on your conversation with The Man, Master Daines. It’s just a shame he couldn’t tell you anything that we didn’t already know – I could have done with some uplifting news! It’s actually disappointing to hear that the Dol Amroth dudes are still awaiting approval (you’ll recall they were originally going to be released in March…) and that the Easterlings are still unfinished.

    I’m genuinely surprised at how long the Easterlings are taking – Chris has been working on them for two years now, and he told me they were ‘nearly finished’ about a year ago (I still have the email on file), so the ‘lots of horses’ business doesn’t really explain the longevity of the project. I wonder what the ‘real’ problem has been? We’ll probably never know.