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It’s not about pics, Master Caster, by now I managed to have all those miniatures in glass-cases (Vitrinen, you know) and even managed to find every single piece in a minute, as I arranged them chronologically from M1 – well, to whatever you want …
I will have a closer look at your list when there’s time for it … which I haven’t got at the moment … unfortunately. – I just had a look and found that you did not forget the dagger of the M10 … which might be the most missing weapon, I think. I remember those pics of her, provided by Mithril, not holding a dagger (even on the old MMP-there was no dagger to be seen).
But as we know, she’s thought to be holding a dagger in her right,upward hand.
In the original casting that dagger was fixed at the base, close to her right foot.
As I’m about to paint her I can tell that the pose is about:
Casting a spell with her left, menacing the opponent with that curved dagger being hold up … to let the other one know that such a move will meet his groins or at least the belly to be ripped open once being moved upwards … that’s how I interpret the pose
Without that dagger the pose of that Lady doesn’t make sense … look, she’s trying to fix her opponent’s eyes with her left arm, because her right arm is prepared for that “half-moon-strike”.
That’s how I see the pose …

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