Reply To: MX463 Imrahil


    Rhuoommm … thank you, Master Barliman.
    I think I told before that they will not be sold. My idea simply was to have something special to give to some people here who have been interested in Mithril miniatures for many years … as you are, Master Barliman … and no one could deny this.
    Then I will keep the variant away from those people trying to make a profit out of it … rhuoommm …
    >no names mentioned here<
    The variant was always meant as a gift … though it took some months to develop … huoommm.
    So to cut it short … I will never ever sell one of those 30. (In case there’s a tap to be payed for we have to discuss that matter seriously … as I pay in metal … so we might swap values of different weight) rhuuoommmhom ….