Reply To: mw347 subreferences

MMP Elder

Last time I checked Arnaud Godet website about the MW references it was not up to date . Until the last figurines of the Half-Orcs (which, finally are MW346… and not MW347 which are the dwarves… a mix up by the Man himself) well until then, the complete set was not absolutly strict. For example, we knew from start that the angrenost guardsman was lost… but we learned only after all the sales on ebay that alas… an archer too was lost.

(on a philosophical debate, one could argue that something that does not “exist” cannot be lost…. which in this case means: Chris told us the angrenost guard was lost , so that’s a fact… But did he say the same about C5C? maybe he sculpted only 3 of them, and thinking the third was the fourth.. he gave it the C5D reference… If I remember well, Chris could not acertain that it was a lot one, or a “missing” one he could not remember sculpting…but Theobald can correct me on that , I may be wrong…

But that would not be a premiere in mithril mismatch referencing… the most notable case being MB369 and M369 (which got me crazy when I had to code my database engine) but this is another story…

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