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Huooommm … why always refer to me? … rhuoommm … well, the facts about that what The Man once called “Saruman’s Army” being revealed so far is all I know about them … hom … I was in contact with The Man more than once about the ‘Angrenost guardsman’ and he believably told me that it’s lost for good (…huommmrhuoommm. I do keep records about such matters).
HUom … I tried to get a ‘final’ answer from him because I kept the list from Master Henk on the old MMP which included that figure … rhuooomm
Ahem, just to be honest, I forgot to ask The Man about that 4th archer as I took it for granted that it also doesn’t exist any more because he once told me somethink like “that’s all there is left”. ……… but as you’re asking me I will try to find out about that second lost figure …. huoomm … yes, Master Caster, I’ve also heard of the rumours that that figure was one loading its bow … huomm … but I’m not sure if it’s just not more than a rumour …. rhuoommm … now as I contemplate these matters things come to my mind …. hom … there might be more than one possibility to find out …. I’ll try … but cannot haste everything … rhuooommmhuooomm

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