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It would be a long post if I began to tell you all my hobbies are but maybe it would help understand why I am always “that” busy…

Mithril is but one of many of my “deepest passions”… I am a passionate person but it means that I care and focus a lot on many things at the same time and sometimes I have to make choices as to what to prioritarize.

I am what many people around call…. a geek…. which means I like and/or expertise at… fantasy… computers (both as my job and as my hobby)… roleplaying (both paper and computer) … computer games… figurines (collecting and painting)… fiction (sci-fi or fantasy) litterature, beginning with Tolkien but not only… comics… and even some manga… I am also passionate at cooking (french, italian, indian and asiatic)…. mythology, cosmogony, and all aspects of theological debates (mostly in fiction worlds rather than the religions in the Real world)

I mainly … collect and paint mithril… and play (as well as being a member of the program guide staff, on behalf of Sony Online Entertainment (SoE) on a MMORPG named “Everquest 2″… which takes quite an amount of my free time… and i try to develop the Mithril community, and this website the best I can, among all these things… (and other pen&paper RPG on saturdays… and other computer games I play beside the MMOrpg…) … all of this, trying not to forget to take care of my wife … and having a job 50km away from home which obliges me to have 1hour and a half time to go to my job every morning and evening…

well that keeps me busy and of course I can’t do all of that in the same periods, so I switch my focuses from time to time not to go crazy…

and…. yesterday, I reached 30 years old…. and one year wedding anniversary

pfiou.. well that’s all folks :)

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