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    Oh yes, I hope that many more fiefdom soldiers will be released in future. :D This was only done by one bad company and I definitly do not like the look of the other company’s designs. :mad:The article in the TENGWAR magazine was fabulous and made me dream about Gondor’s fiefdoms. :rolleyes:
    Let’s see what the future brings, we will see at last the knights of D.A. and that is more I expected to come, not to say that great Imrahil figure.
    Maybe it would be a challenge for Chris to design some more civilians of the fiefdoms? ;)

    P.S.: In Germany the historians do mostly agree, that from the fall of western Rome (500 to 900/1000 the period is called Early Middle Ages, from 11th to 13th/14th century (1100-1300)period is called High Middle Ages, from 1300 to 1500 (sometimes 1492) it is the Late Middle Ages. From 1500 it is called “Neuzeit” modern times with the early period (to 1600)…..
    Not my personal view :)