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    erchamion wrote:
    Interesting question! Only one point, friends. :D

    While it is true what say Mr. Barliman about it is difficult to put dates to the division of History, it seems the widespread idea that the Middle Ages (European, not global) begins with the Fall of Rome (476) until the Conquest of Constantinople (1453).
    The Early Middle Ages cover until the year 1000, the High Middle Ages was the period in the 11th, 12th, and 13th centuries and the Late Middle Ages which by convention end around 1500 (some extend this period until the discovery of America)

    The question is to know that each culture had a distinct evolution. We are talking about the Middle Ages in EUROPE.;)

    Yes Europe, is there anything else out there? :D

    Oh yes, Harad, Rhun and so on :D
    ups or is it called öhm????