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    Speaking of the size of Balrogs, here is a little Balrog review of different manufactures, dating from the late 70’s to the GW Balrog.



    Back row, left to right are: the GW balrog, a GW Dragonogre shaggoth that I’m converting into a Balrog, and a Grenadier Chaos Giant conversion into a balrog.

    middle row: Ral Partha “Ral, Lord of the Balrogs”, Mithril MB300, PA fire demon.

    Front row: unknown, old Ral Partha, Ral Partha armored balrog, really old Ral Partha, old Grenadier, another unknown, and a Grenadier similar to the one in the Sauron’s Dark Ones’ boxed set.

    It’s interesting to me, all the different sizes and styles. Not pictured is the Balrog from the old Citadel Bridge of Khazad-dum set, but it’s packed away to remotely for me to retrieve easily.

    The Mithril is comparable in size to the GW models, but is sort of hunched over and has it’s wings folded (one of which fell of before the picture), so it looks smaller. The Dragon Ogre thingy will make an interesting model when done, but has required a lot of grinding off of the more ridiculous elements (like the little dudes in his hair) and a lot of sculpy work for flames. I’ll post a more detailed accountof the whole converison process as it proceeds.