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I like the design of the Mithril Balrog (with or without wings!!!) certainly it fits my vision a damn sight closer than what the film came up with, although I do feel that it is over-size given that Ecthelion of the Fountain is supposed to have leapt upon one and ‘spiked’ it with his helmet (I think I have my facts right) and would have needed a spike the length of a sword to have done serious damage.

But I guess that Tolkien would have envisaged these creatures not necessarily all looking the same, so they may have come in all shapes and sizes (winged and un-winged ;))

I can’t compare it with other offerings as I do not really collect other small scale figs as a rule.

You can still pick one up cheap on ebay Barli – Bought a second one for £5 (thelastnazgul), which I hope to convert to a more confronational pose on the bridge which is why the choice of Gandalf works out great for me.

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