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If I can pick one up for that sort of price I’ll get one anyway, I think, just to see it in the flesh (er, in the metal…).

That’s quite a selection of Bogrolls, Master Presto. I’m mightily impressed. It kind of makes me wonder what your overall collection entails! I notice that you don’t have one of the old Minifig balrogs, though – a very curious creation that looked like a circus lion on its hind legs toting a whip and a sword. Probably that’s because the Minifigs range isn’t heard of much – TE having shut down its production faster than an Elf on speed – and I don’t think huge numbers got sold. I used to have a couple of hundred of the little devils (they were 20mm scale) but idiotically sold them for a pittance during one of my occasional lapses of concentration about 20 years ago. Some of the figures were rather good, if simplistic, but some were utter dog-business.

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