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MMP Elder

    I’m launching a call for help to ask for a name for the new category for the forum, that i plan to create to regroup all elements related to MERP matters which are directly linked to Mithril figurines.
    As I told in the Prancing Pony, I’d want an entry in a read-only forum, for each MERP character in the whold mithril range, with exhaustive information about each of the Characters.
    Moderator for this category would be, if he accepts, Gavin, who has all the material and references to help in this matter…

    Now the problem is to find a proper name for this category… with a “construction” similar to the other categories’ names :
    “some place of…” “Middle-earth Location” or
    “some place/belonging of…” “Middle-Earth character”

    But for this occasion , since it is MERP, the location or character would have to be a specific MERP name

    What do you think of “The Dark Archives of Er-Murazor”
    (for Info, Er-Murazor is the true name of the Witch-King in the “extended MERP universe”)