Reply To: mw347 subreferences

MMP Elder

I am currently filling the MW346 (half-orcs) in my database (yes! I made it up to MW346.. more than 150 references filled in less than a month..) but I was wondering…
If there was a price to put for the WHOLE existing warband (only ONE of each figurine) what would it be?
The original selling price by Chris Tubb tends to let me think it was around 300€ for the whole set… but with people like Drizztdourden and others who sold them back for big money, the price for the whole set may have doubled, or worse…

If Zoetrop has some compilation data for a “whole MW346” , that would be useful

(also , I got some news on what next is to be released (in some monthgs) for MW347 (the iron hill dwarves)…

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