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    Carangil   M324 : Female Vampires : MIRUIMOR™ & CARANGIL™

    Carangil was a Sindarin princess of Mirkwood, captured when her kin’s forest realm was overrun. She was enslaved and taken to the dungeons of Dol Guldur as a plaything for the darkness. How long she was imprisoned, few know. But in the end she was taken from the darkness below the earth and delivered as a gift to Miruimor.

    Carangil remains silent, remains submissive. Some suspect she has been broken by the darkness.
    But Carangil is merely biding her time, waiting for the opportunity to strike down the sorceress and destroy her nest of evil. She does not have the power nor warcraftiness to threaten her captors, but she knows her way around the fortress at Thuringwathost and she has seen much of the dungeons beneath Dol Guldur. With the right opportunity and the right allies, Carangil will prove that she is no one’s slave.