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The Silent Shadow : Slyardach  M108 : The Silent Shadow

The Silent Shadow, or Dindair, is a demon of the ancient world, one of the lesser Maia turned, by Morgoth, into shadows of the night. The Dindair (the word is Silvan Elvish) were spies and night terrors and creatures who whispered lies and despair into the heart of men and elves. A few survived the fall of Morgoth, wandering homeless through Middle Earth; some became servants of Sauron when he arose again, others were bound by sorcerers and loremasters in those distant times. A few survived into the Third Age.

One such Dindair was named Slyardach. A servant of Sauron during the Second Age, the creature was given to Lachglin the Loremaster for the animist’s protection – and to ensure the animist’s loyalty. The meaning of the name “Slyardach” is unknown, but those who knew of the creature speculate that it was a name given to it by a lost Mannish tribe of the Elder Day. Others suggest that the name itself is gibberish – the Silent Shadows are creatures of lies and deception and would scarce reveal their true names.

Slyardach is said to have been destroyed during the Battle of Mirkwood, but the truth of the matter is unknown.

Note: the word Dindair is Silvan Elvish. The Sindarin word is Dindae.

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