Reply To: mw347 subreferences


Hello all – glad to have found a follow-up to the MMP that went down…have a question I hope someone can answer – I have recently viewed the MW 437 list submitted above by Theobald and after having looked at my figures, seem to be missing a few. I was hoping I could find out if the original groups of figures for the Swordsman C8D, C8B and C8C – were sold as a group of three or four, including the C8A – which I am missing.

Also – the Bowman – the list suggests C5B, C5D and C5A – however, I seem to have 2 x C5B and C5D, no C5A – was C5A not sold, was there no C5C? Not sure if Chris sold this lot with two of each?

If anyone has the answers I would appreciate it. I am also missing one of the Spearman C3A – I have a couple of doubles, so if anyone has doubles of the ones I am missing and need to completer their set, perhaps we could arrange a trade.



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