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Captain Tardegil [mith]M40[/mith]
Tardegil was the captain of the Tharbad Guard, the household guard of the Kings of Cardolan. A loyal and honest warrior, he had fought alongside Nirnadel’s father in a dozen campaigns in the north. He has asked to accompany his lord into battle in 1409, but his lord, as if seeing the doom that awaited him, ordered Tardegil to say, and watch over Nirnadel, his youngest child.
When the last king of Cardolan died, the regent, Nimhir, approached him and asked would he swear loyalty to Nirnadel as Queen of Cardolan. Tardegil was a traditionalist, and is said to have disapproved of the idea of a Queen of a Dunedain kingdom. But his ultimate loyalty was to the House of Cardolan. If Nirnadel was not crowned Queen, the House of Cardolan would end, and the line of Isildur in Cardolan with it.
For three years, he protected his Queen, and tried to hold the crumbling realm of Cardolan together. When Nirnadel died, he is said to have taken his guard and fled to Arthedain, where the line of Isildur still reigned. He may have been appointed to the Arthedain garrison at Sarn Ford, watching over the frontier between Arthedain and Tardegil’s ruined homeland. No more is heard of him, and it is assumed that he fell in one of the many battles with Angmar.

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