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Nimhir  M41 : NIMHIR™ the Regent

Nimhir was an aged Dunedain scholar whose family had been stewards of the Royal Estates at Thalion for generations. Nimhir was called to Tharbad in 1398 by his king to serve as an advisor. Nimhir’s quiet honesty and deep intellect was much valued. Later he would be annointed Lord Chancellor of Cardolan, second only to the king. His appointment, over the heads of more “worthy” figures – such as the hiratar of the rich Cardolan hinterlands caused much resentment. But he was an able Chancellor, and when the king of Cardolan marched north to war, he was named Regent of Cardolan.
When the king of Cardolan died, Nimhir made the fateful choice to name his charge, Nirnadel as Queen of Cardolan. Supported by the Gondorian legate, and Tardegil, the captain of the guard, he moved quickly and ruthlessly to overrule the hiratar and claim the crown in the name of Nirnadel. In the three years of Nirnadel’s reign, he skillfully played the various powers and contenders off each other. Offering the prize of marriage to Nirnadel, he negotiated the loyalty and peace of the various barons, while keeping a sharp eye on Arthedain’s ambitions and Angmar’s military intentions. Between Nimhir’s cunning, Tardegil’s firm command and Nirnadel’s nobility, the crown of Cardolan managed to stave off chaos for three long years.
Nimhir was slain along with his charge in 1412.

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