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Aye, there’s no risk of Holger starting an ebay store of ‘after market’ Mithrils! Not unless he’s been gazing into a palantir with the Dark Lord at the other end and lost control of his senses ;). I don’t think Gildor intended to offend – more just being a bit cautious.

For my two cents, I think converting mithrils and making copies of the conversions is very different to recasting production models and selling them on ebay – I think the first is artistic creation and very unlikely to hurt Mithril (unless they were then sold, but this isn’t a worry here), whereas the second is blatant infringement of intellectual property. It’d be a bit like the difference between someone re-editing a movie for their personal use (and maybe making copies of the re-edited movie for a couple of mates), and copying the movie straight and selling it cheap for profit. That said, I don’t know what the law says about this. Definitely an interesting issue, and one that is ethically complicated.

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